Deloitte is one of the biggest accounting firms in the world by revenue and number of professionals. The company provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services with more than 244,400 professionals globally. In Denmark, Deloitte is mostly known as an accounting firm. Around 50% of their business is indeed based in this area, but in recent years, they have taken an aggressive turn towards consultancy, which now makes up nearly half of their business. Deloitte Denmark wanted to position themselves as preferred growth partners amongst the SME category. Instead of sticking to boring B2B communication, they decided to visualise complex financial data in a very straightforward and entertaining way.


Although services may vary country to country, Deloitte is a well-known brand all over the world. Denmark is no different, especially when it comes to providing services for bigger companies. In fact, Deloitte Denmark was named Denmark’s M&A Financial Advisor of the Year (2016) outperforming giants like Danske Bank Corporate Finance, JPMorgan and Nordea.  

Deloitte Denmark is mostly associated to accounting and higher price tags. Whilst accounting still makes up a considerable slice of their business, Deloitte has been increasingly moving towards consultancy services.  

“Over the last years, they have moved much more aggressively into the consultancy area. Half of their employees in Denmark are now consultants. Some of the larger companies in Denmark use a lot of these services, but minor companies (SMEs) haven’t actually noticed Deloitte. The growth potential for the company is exactly within the SME category,” shares Niels Alberg, Concept Director and Partner at Beginr.  


The brief was to construct a fresh image of Deloitte within the SME group. Research showed that their desired audience perceived the company’s consultancy services as super pricy (x5 compared to smaller competitors!). Hence, this false image had to be reversed. Moreover, the agency also discovered that business owners are struggling to connect accountancy to real value creation. On the other hand, they were desperately looking for growth hacking ideas and comparing themselves to other players in the same field. Deloitte had to be positioned as the preferred growth partner catered to work with very different clients from a variety of sectors.  


After months of research, gathering data and consulting with key Deloitte partners, it was clear: they needed something that would showcase complex data in a fun and personal way. Behold Deloitte Pit Stop – an online platform that allowed users to race against their competitors based on their company’s financial data.

To start off, the user enters his/hers company name, which then appears as a racing car. Having chosen the industry, the system allows you to enter a named competitor. 

Halfway in the race, cars take a pit stop where you can upgrade your company's key figures and discover what could happen if various figures would improve. After finishing the race, you are offered a detailed report about the current situation in your industry and more specifically – how you rank compared to chosen competitors.

The race was fuelled by annual report numbers taken from the Danish Government and additional business insider information. In total, every car was powered by 6.2 million live key figures! Deloitte employees helped the agency with choosing the right figures which would represent the current situation in the most accurate way.

Achieving this was very difficult because a single company can have four different registration numbers or have no annual reports at all. It took several months to figure out a way around this issue.  

Niels Alberg on their brilliant solution: “Lets say someone with missing figures wanted to participate in the race, he was met with a message from us telling him that we’re missing his company figures and therefore he cannot race. Then we offered him the opportunity to find out more at Deloitte and book a meeting. That part worked really well for us. Instead of giving them an error message we made sure to offer them another action.” 

The game was advertised via traditional media: banner advertising on Denmark’s main business websites, radio and newspaper advertising. The Deloitte team shared Pit Stop amongst their existing database.  


·     Compared to the normal benchmark the campaign generated 4 times more traffic;

·     36% of all visitors used the service more than once;

·     26% of targets met or planned to meet with Deloitte; 



Our brains are wired to see B2B as something serious and this is often portrayed in communication. But if you think about it, we’re all humans not some data-filled emotionless robots. Pit Stop proves that you can have fun in this area, whilst showcasing the benefits your business offers.  

In the words of Niels from Beginr: ”One thing that keeps popping up through our B2B projects is the fact that you need to be much more playful. Deloitte told us about a Christmas calendar where people can win small items during the holiday season. And it was surprising how many people engage with this type of initiatives. The whole background in this business is so serious and involves a lot of hard work hence it is easy to transfer this seriousness into your communication. That’s a major mistake for B2B companies.”  

What convinced Deloitte to run with the idea was the presence of their partners in early development. They provided real feedback and insight on the type of advertising they expect. This helped the client to loosen up a bit and go for the riskier concept.  


Not only did they keep Pit Stop fun and personal, they also managed to add extra value to the package. In Denmark, benchmarking is a paid service offered by big banks. But in case of Deloitte, after finishing the race and sharing your contacts, you were able to get a free detailed evaluation straight to your inbox.  


Interview with Niels Alberg, Concept Director and Partner at Beginr (Denmark);